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So incredibly grateful that I was part of this amazing day for Max and Simmone. As seen on Studio 10. 

Max & Simmone were to be married in August 2020 but due to COVID restrictions had to postpone to Valentine’s day 2021. On Friday 12 February the Victorian State Government announced that they will be placing all of Victoria into a 5 day lockdown effective as of 11.59pm that night. Meaning that once again Max and Simmone would have to postpone their big day. As the announcement was made Max and Simmone decided on the spot that they would somehow have their wedding that afternoon prior to lockdown - with just 4.5 hours notice to all concerned!

Their booked venue was unable to help them so they instead decided on a stunning local park where they regularly take walks to hold their impromptu wedding. They immediately jumped on the phones and began calling their vendors. Their Celebrant Lucy was their first person to call and she said she would drop everything on the spot and be there as required. Their florist was located a 3 hour drive away but incredibly was more than happy to make the 6 hour round trip to deliver their flowers on time. Their original photographer was unavailable so this created some anxious moments. They put out the word amongst their friends to see if anyone knew a wedding photographer. My nephew Ben called me at 4.30pm and asked me ‘Uncle Paullie – what are you doing tonight?”. He went onto explain the situation and I immediately said a big ‘yes!’ and loaded my gear and hit the road for the 1.5 hour drive.  

Moments after I arrived cars began to fill the tiny carpark. People were literally still dressing as they got out of their cars. The girls were still applying makeup, ties were being straightened and a small army of helpers began setting up chairs, serving tables, refreshments and even a candlelit pathway to guide the Bride-to-be to where the Ceremony would be held.

The atmosphere was just sensational! You could literally see the joy on everyone’s faces as they set up the Ceremony area in no time.

The Ceremony was just stunning and full of love and laughter. And right on que Mother Nature provided us with the most beautiful ‘Golden Hour’ of light for the post Ceremony Bridal party and Bride and Groom photo session.
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